Global Village, Media to Know Culture of Each Country

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Photo : Rana Ihab showing Belly dance at Global Village event. ( Pict : Guntur/SI )

JEMBER, Tuesday (5 September 2017) – International Youth Conference which organized by Student Activity Unit Statsflix of Jember State University and Internationalee des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (AIESEC) closed with a cultural art show titled Global Village, held at one of the shopping center in Jember, Monday (4/9).

“The event closed with Cultural Show from each country,” Said Couch of Student Activity Unit Statsflix, Honest Dody Molasy.

Student Activity Unit Statsflix is an internal campus organization that accommodates student exchanges and leadership.

He adds by knowing each other’s culture between countries, it will reduce the conflict.

“The occurrence of the conflict began because it does not know each other, so with this event expected, we as citizen of the world, please know each other and appreciate the diversity of cultures from various countries,” he added.

This event was followed by representative students from 8 countries. “The eight countries that participated in the event were Germany, Russia, Portugal, China, Cambodia, Egypt, Sri Lanka and India, ” said Chairman of the committee, Robby Pratama.

Global Village began with Indonesia traditional dance performance named Tari Gambyong presented by dancers from Student Activity Unit named Art PH 9 from Faculty of Public Health, Jember State University then continued by performance from each country.

Rana Ihab, Egyptian student performed Belly dance in this event. She was so shrewd, she wiggled her hips to the rhythm of the Egyptian song.

“I perform Belly dancing, it’s a traditional dancing in Egypt, the dance to express pleasure,” Said student of Modern Academy, Rana.

While Russian student, Adelina Zaripova claim to be happy in participating on this student exchange.

“I really like this project, My project teaching chinese childdren here, I really like to be there,” Said student of Kazan federal University, Adelina.

Then She performed Masha and the bear play. She promised back to Indonesia again.

“It’s like my second home, really like Indonesia,” she said. (Guntur)

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