Jember Pandhalungan Art Show Pulls The Expatriates Attention

Sekar Gebang Taman in a colossal play. (Photo : Humas for Suara Indonesia News)

SURABAYA, Saturday (10/3/2018) – Jember regency known as multi ethnic city which the culture influenced by Madura, Java and combines as one. Then the process of mixing culture makes Jember known as Pandhalungan city.

The word Pandhalungan means cultural mixing as a result of mixed marriages, in particular Madura and Java as a result of the migration process due to the clearing of agricultural land and plantations (Kusnadi: 2001). Jember also consists of Chinese, Arab and Osing descendants as minority people.

This cultural mixing then produces a variety of cultural arts, for example, Can-macanan Kadhuk, Tak-butakan, Lahbako dance, Jaran Kencak dance, Lengger dance, Larung sesaji, Patrol music, and others.

Bupati Jember, dr. Hj. Faida, MMR implements one of her work promise to develop Pandhalungan art and culture, then it brings new spirit for culture artists in Jember. As She did last night, Bupati Jember, Faida held a cultural art show of Pandhalungan Jember which located at Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, Surabaya, Friday (9/3/2018) night.

“Talk about Pandhalungan art and culture, because there is no Jember original person. All Jember residents are immigrants which the majority of mixed or a combination of Javanese and Madurese. Only in Jember,” Faida said.

This cultural arts performance has attracted the people’s attenttion of Surabaya and a number of expatriates from various countries including Korea, Malaysia, India, Australia, Nigeria and other countries to watch the show which featuring a colossal play with title Sekar Gebang Taman.

Besides as Pandhalungan city, Faida said that Jember known as 4C city means this city has Coffee, Cacao, Cigarette and Culture.

Reporter : Guntur Rahmatullah
Editor : Amin
Publisher : Tolak Imam


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